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Marques Dent

Growing a stronger economy, through small businesses and increased employment opportunities

Economic growth begins and ends with the employment of residents. Across the state of Maryland there are projects and business ventures of varying size in several diverse markets. However, very few of them are actually employing residents. The State offers various training programs, internship and apprenticeship opportunities for the residents. However, the issue arises when a woman graduates from a program that she has invested her time, money, and energy in to learning a skill, and doesn’t have the opportunity to interview and/or obtain employment for at least 12 – 18 months.

If elected, Marques will fight to pass laws to provide more incentives in place for small business, minority owned business and non-profit business for hiring local residents. In-source is the key to a boost in the economy. Studies show that a young father is more likely to become a consumer if employed locally; a retired veteran is more likely to start her own business if veterans and woman owned standards are up held. Marques will fight for the minimum wage increase and for equal employment rights between me and women.

Fighting for increased community resources, quality education, and safer learning environments

As an educator Marques has found that education facilities are just as important as the curriculum. Students are unable to focus if their environment is inadequate or distracting. The ten year plan has been socialized and schools patiently wait for their respective allotted time to receive aid. In the interim, there is an immediate need for supplemental enrichment programs, high quality instruction, and safer learning environments for the youth. Having met with Advocates for Children and Youth, “Boys Hope, Girls Hope”, OC #250, and many local school administrators, there is an overcharging need for more community programs for children to receive after school. Currently, Marques has partnered with several leaders to address this issue through Save the Children, Save the Nation Inc.

If elected, Marques will continue to press lawmakers to ensure that high-quality affordable Child Care subsidy payments are adequate and available for working families as well as less fortunate families; fight for more funding to be available to properly staff after-school programs, provide a light snack for the children, and quality learning facilities, programs, and community centers.

Safer Streets for our residents

“We need more officers on the street”, “We need more officers to be visible”, “We need more officers to be compassionate,” are the out cries from community members daily. Through police ride – a- longs, and various meetings with the Baltimore City Sheriff’s department, Marques has seen firsthand what crime can do to a family. Marques has seen what the Uniformed Officers in Baltimore City go through on a daily basis, as well as what the residents have come to know as everyday life. The disconnection is communication. When community members and Officer begin to communicate, crime will begin to decrease. Communication can only occur if both parties agree to work together.

Marques is a firm believer that it takes more than just the police to clean up the neighborhoods, it takes the residents that live in the neighborhoods to stand up for their community. If elected, Marques will continue to be an advocate for safer communities. He will urge lawmakers to listen to the concerns of safety by the residents, and work with law enforcement to bridge the gap in communication, and build strong relationships with the community leaders, so that the residents can once again feel safe within their communities, and criminals are brought to justice.

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